Auction House and Payment Mail will be opened on Feb 22nd

Dear DDTank Players,

Auction House and Payment Mail will be opened after the server maintenance on Feb 22nd . Players who reach level 15 can use these two functions.


1. Auction House: Auction House allows player can engage in trade with others. To start an auction, you need to place an item in the auction tab for sale, set the inital price and buyout price, then choose auction time. A certain amount of gold will be deducted as item storage cost. The quantity deducted is dependent on the length of auction time. Coins will be sent to the auctioneer's mail if an auction was successful; item will be sent back to the auctioneer via mail after deadline if not purchased.


2. Payment Mail: Player can use payment mails to trade. First off, attach an item and tick the box of payment mail, input the number of coins and set the length of reply time. After sending the mail, the recipient must pay the required coins before receiving the attachment.

Coins paid by the recipient will be sent to the sender via mail. Otherwise, the mail will return to the sender within the set time. Bound item cannot be traded.


Hope these functions will take more convenience to you, enjoy your game.



DDTank Operating Group

February 22st 2011