DWD Celebration

Event Name: DWD Celebration

Event Time: Mar 8th, 2011

EventRange: for all the servers

Event Content:

DDTank Women's Day (DWD) is here to celebrate the achievements of women past, present and future.  No matter how much you've achieved, you deserve a free lunch today.

Event Rules: Every girl receives gifts from DDTank. Boys get gifts too. Check it out!

Event Rewards: Male: Handsome General(7 Days, Bound)X1, Female:Music(7 Days, Bound)X1, Ladylike(7 Days, Bound)X1, Prom Style(7 Days, Bound)X1, Margaret(7 Days, Bound), Piggish(7 Days, Bound)


DDTank Operating Group

March 7th , 2011