Unlock AIO Box

Event Name: Unlock AIO Box

Event Time: Mar 22nd - Mar 31st

EventRange: for all the servers

Event Content: Now you have the four special stones in hand, you are ready to unlock the AIO Box.

Event Rules:Collect the Red, Blue, Green and Purple Stone.

Event Rewards:


You will be able to get one of the following items by unlocking it:

Medal×2, Medal×5, Medal×7, Syn Stone Lv4 x1, Double Glory Card(1 day)×1, Energy Stone Lv3 ×1, Energy Stone Lv4 ×1, Romance Ring(7 days,unbound)×1,Romance Ring+1(7 days,bound)×1,Romance Ring+2(7 days,bound)×1


DDTank Operating Group

March 22th , 2011