Water Elf

Event Name: Water Elf

Event Time: Mar 26th - April 5th

Event Range:for all the servers

Event Content: Water Elves are trapped in Gulu Kingdom. Help let him out and they will share special water with you.

Event Rules:Kill Gulu Elite and you have a great chance to receive a Water Pack. Collect 5 Water Packs and get great prizes.

Event Rewards: 2500 EXP, 1000 Gold, Water Pack

Apply the Water Pack and you will receive one of the following items:

Energy Stone Lv2 ×1, Energy Stone Lv3 ×1, Energy Stone Lv4 ×1, Syn Stone Lv3 X1, Medal X1, Medal  X2, Medal  X3, Romance Ring(7 days,unbound)×1.

Tank Operating Group

March 25th , 2011