Easter Egg Hunter

Event Name: Easter Egg Hunter

Event Time: April 18 - April 30

Event Range:for all the servers

Event Content: Easter is on April 24th this year, but you have 12 days to hunt Easter Eggs. Ready set go!

Event Rules: Kill Ant Soldiers and Ant Scouts in Ant Cave and you will have a great chance of finding Easter Eggs. Collect 10 Stolen Eggs to complete the task be rewarded!

Event Rewards:

1. 2000 Exp;

2. Easter Pack x1                                                            

Apply the Easter Pack and you will receive one of the following items: Exp Pill Lv2 x1, Exp Pill Lv3 x1, Exp Pill Lv4 x1, Offense Pearl Lv2 x1, Defense Pearl Lv2 x1, Attribute Pearl Lv2 x1, Romance Ring (7 days, unbound) x1, Romance Ring+1 x1 (7 days, bound), Romance Ring+2 (7 days, bound) x1



DDTank Operating Group

April 15th, 2011