Event Name: Theatrical

Event Time: April 18 - April 30

Event Range:for all the servers

Event Content: There will be a Masquerade Ball soon and we have to get everything ready, but the Evil Tribe has stolen our masks!

Event Rules: Kill the Tribe Warriors and you may get Mask of Sorrow. Kill Sohnlein (Normal Mode) and you will get Mask of Joy. Collect 5 Masks of Sorrow and 1 Mask of Joy and you have completed the task and will be rewarded. This task can only be completed once per day.

Event Rewards:2000 Gold, 3000 Exp, Theatricalt Chest x1;

Apply the Theatricalt Chest and you will be able to get one of the following items: Syn Stone Lv4 x1, Random Ring, Random Ring (7 days, unbound)+1, Romance Ring+1 (7 days, bound) x1, Romance Ring+2 (7 days, bound) x1





DDTank Operating Group

April 14th , 2011