DDTank 3.2 version update notice

On Wednesday, June 6th , 2012(GMT-5),  DDTank3.2 versionwill undergo an update for at least 4 hours.Completion time may vary due to advances or delays in update. During the update, players will not be able to enter the game. For more information, please go to our official website. The update details are as follows:


New Facilities:

I. New play mode and new interface, also new tasks and more luxurious packs for newbies. The following are the level that a player will be required before he/she gains access to certain areas:

Level 1 Tasks and tutorial;

Level 2 Gamehouse;

Level 3 Armory, Shop, Backpack, Mail, Coin recharge;

Level 5 Community, Buddy list;

Level 6 Master and Apprentice;

Level 7 League;

Level 8 Boatyard, Check in;

Level 10 Wedding chapel;

Level 12 Hall of fame;

Level 13 Spa;

Level 14 Auction house;

Level 15 Firing range;

Level 16 Gift box, Item refine;

Level 20 Card box.

II. Combining the daily rewards and event and activities, the Check in button is officially available. Whenever you log into the game, by hitting the button you can receive a gift. In 1 month you can accumulate the days of gifts you receive, the more days you log in, the better the gift you get:

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III. Brand new spectator system. Players can now enter sports fight room, boatyard, and watch the intensive battles between players inside;

a) In order to enter: the game must not have started, host has allowed entry(the host will be able to turn on or off this option)

b) Spectators are limited: challenge and boatyard allows 2 spectators, sports fight allows 1.

IV. VIP adjustments:

VIP battle exp increase, increase VIP1 to 0.5x、VIP2 to 0.55x、VIP3 to 0.6x、VIP4 to 0.65x、VIP5 to 0.65x、VIP6 to 0.7x、VIP7 to 0.75x、VIP8 to 0.8x、VIP9 to 0.9x;

After reaching VIP5, losing a battle will not result in glory deduction;

Increase VIP privileges;

Daily VIP Task reward;

VIP Buddy list limit increase to 750;

VIP31days price will be 1590 coins, 365days price will be 16790 coins.

V. Increasing the abilities of dead players. allowing more strategies;

c)When player HP hits 0 and becomes a ghost, the ghost can use it's stamina to directly buy item to assist in battle;

d)A ghost can buy a maximum of 20 buffs and a maximum of 2 can be used per turn.

VI. New continue function: if players in boatyard fail a stage, the host can decide whether to continue the stage. If continue is selected, coins will be deducted from the host(according to the stage and difficulty of the task) and continue from the stage which you failed.  If the host takes more than 10 seconds to response, players will have to restart.

VII. Added League badge:

1. League badges will be divided into 3 categories: lv1-3, lv4-6, lv 7-10. League chairman can activate these badges according to the league level;

Level 1-3League badge:

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Level4-7 League badge:

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Level8-10 League badge:

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League badge can be activated by league chairman using wealth and is effective for 30 days.

VIII. Increase mail function, the league chairman can send mail to all players with just 1 send, a certain amount of wealth will be deducted when this function is used.

IX. Increase card function, when your card reaches level 3, you can spend a certain amount of the same card to increase the stats by a random amount.Even when there are insufficient cards you can use coins to purchase for upgrade.

X. New chairman transfer function, after 30 consecutive days when chairman is not online, the position will be transferred to the person of the next highest rank, and the choice will be voted by the other members of the league

XI. Increase the limit of amount of pearls and jars that can be opened consecutively, reducing frequent operation.

XII. Added function of community. When you enter, the system will check your settings and find a person in the same area as you and allow you to add him/her as buddy and play together.

XIII. Added "recovery gem",  in "equipment" →"assist" you can equip a recovery gem. After equipment,  it will become effective. When a player starts a boatyard/sports fight, every time it’s your turn the a certain amount of hp will be recovered(every gem can be used 100x), different levels of gem will recover different amount of hp, and the amount of uses.Recovery gems can be obtained in free fights(higher chance in league fight), and also can be purchased at"recommended" →"new" in shop;

e) Recovery gem lv1, can be equipped by level 0 and above, recovery is 20 per turn;

f)Recovery gem lv2, can be equipped by level 10 and above, recovery is 50 per turn;

g)Recovery gem lv3, can be equipped by level 20 and above, recovery is 80 per turn;

h)Recovery gem lv4, can be equipped by level 30 and above, recovery is 120 per turn;

i)Recovery gem lv5, can be equipped by level 40 and above, recovery is 150 per turn.

XIV. Master Apprentice changes: when either party of a Master-Apprentice relation is not online for more than 72 hours, the relation will be automatically removed without any penalty.

XV. Addition of 5 special trumpets: Birthday wishes, You Are the One, Bomb madman, First Romance, the arrogance of living beings, all can be directly purchased in shop → new;

XVI. New DDTank dairy, pressing the "More" button will move you to"DDTank dairy" interface, here you can check your record of what you did(example: how many friends added and how many tasks completed)

XVII. Increased amount of gift allowed for wedding gifts;

XVIII. The game interface left corner will have channel switching;

XIX. Addition of"Close friends" showing a special symbol beside the friend list.

XX、increase amount of weapon pieces dropped in league fight;

Other adjustments:

1.      Any players who are offline more than 30 days go online again will have their expired equipment renewed by 7 days for free

2.      Community adjustments: when players enter community; it will add the player’s profile automatically.

3.      Players can now play mini-game while waiting for the loading.

4.      Shop"Free receive area" will reset the item count at 00:00, 08:00, 16:00;

5.      Room setting adjustments, players in"game hall" and"boatyard" can adjust "room settings" after they enter the room and change room name and password;

6.      Armory’s success rate will show the total rate only to prevent misunderstandings;

7.      Mail adjustments, mail system will change from 4 attachments to just 1;

8.      The wings section will be moved to decorations;

9.      Drill holes transfer adjusted, when converting you can decide whether you want the holes to move, includes: already opened drill holes and drill experience;

10.      Card album will be adjusted to the bottom tab of backpack;

11.      Task interface adjustments, when a certain task is completed it will grey out but still remain visible in task list;

12.      Firing range name will change to Training Grounds;

13.      Players can choose to hide their name and league;

14.      Rewards timer chest will be allowed from level 8-20;

15.      Improvement in battle animation;

16.      When a player clicks shop in a room a warning message about leaving the room will be shown.

17.      Additional scene limit. You can only complete a certain scene 10x a day(example: ant cave 10x a day, run run chicken 10x a day, failure counts as well), after 0x the rewards gained is gold only;

18.      Opening a card box to receive 1 to 3 cards randomly instead of 1;

19.      "Gulu Olympics" will have 3 stages in order to reduce the time needed for completion of tasks;


DDTank Operation Team

Jun 4th, 2012