Events for Christmas Day II

Event Name:Christmas Top Up -Splendid Ice Cream

Event Duration:12.22-12.25

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Merry Christmas DDTankers! Christmas in DDKingdom represents with happy family gathering, beautiful dinner and the time-honored Christmas ice cream!

Raw materials:Ant Cave refined chestnut syrup, Runrun Chicken special eggs and milk, Gulu Kindom royal biscuits, Cthuhu fresh tropical fruits. The ice cream is made from the best ingredients in the world and even endowed with magic! It can be used as a weapon to beat the most powerful enemy in a flash! “Komm, süsser Tod!”

Event Rules:

DDTank players who purchase coins will receive great rewards including the legendary Ice Cream and other items that rarely to see in game!


(1)Top up 2000 – 5999 Coins and get: Junior Drill x 10, Energy Stone Lv 4 x1, Romance Ring (7days bound), Shadow Butterfly(7days bound)

(2)Top up 6000 – 9999 Coins and get: Junior Drill x21, Energy Stone Lv 4 x3, Romance Ring x3 (7days bound), Monarch Butterfly(7days bound)

(3)Top up 10000 – 14999 Coins and get: Junior Drill x32, Energy Stone Lv 4 x4, Romance Ring x7 (7days bound), Dragon Butterfly(7days bound)

(4)Top up 15000– above will get: Junior Drill x 43, Energy Stone Lv 5 x2, Romance Ring +2 x2 (7days bound), Coral(7days bound)


Accumulated Rewards:

(1)Top up a total of 20,000 Coins will get: ATK Blessing Pack x10

(2)Top up a total of 60,000 Coins will get: ☆ Angelic Arm (15days bound)

(3)Top up a total of 85,000 Coins will get: ☆ Ares' Guard (15days bound)

(4)Top up a total of 115,000 coins will get: Ice Cream (15days bound)


1.Single top up rewards are sent automaticly by system.

2.All items are bound.

3.Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once.


Event Name:Santa`s Benediction - Jewel Farm Unlocks again!

Event Duration:12.22 & 12.24

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Find your Christmas presents DDtank Jewel Farm! Jewel Farm is going to be available from Dec. 22 and Dec.24. 

Event Rules:

During the event, DDtankers can refresh the jewels displayed to obtain the items you are satisfied with. As the event going on, DDtankers will be gifted free refresh times. (Currently, DDtankers can get 1 free refresh chance every 5 minutes. There's no limit on the refresh times.) Unlocking all 5 cards can get 1 auto-refresh chance or DDtankers can spend 50 coins to manually refresh items in the Jewel Farm.


After the refreshing, DDtankers can click "Start" button to flip the card, during which DDtankers can view the hidden items via Eagle Eye, but there're limits on the times to flip cards and use Eagle Eye every round. Once the times used up, DDtankers can enter the next round of card-flipping.


Jewel Farm Card-flipping and Eagle Eye prices are below: 

Flip Card

1st Time: 50 coins

2nd Time: 200 coins

3rd Time: 400 coins

4th Time: 600 coins

5th Time: 800 coins


Eagle Eye

1st Time: 100 coins

2nd Time: 350 coins

3rd Time: 600 coins

4th Time: 850 coins

5th Time: 1100 coins


All items from Jewel Farm are UNBOUND.


Event Name:Santa`s Benediction - Christmas gifts for everyone!

Event Duration:12.22-12.25

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Christmas is coming! A grand carnival is going to be held in DDKingdom. How can you miss it? Join DDTank Christmas party and walk away with a fabulous Xmas gift pack! 

Event Rules:

Click "Sign-in" to get the Christmas gifts.


Meow Christmas x1(7days bound)

Christmas Wreath x1(7days bound)

Christmas Candy x1(7days bound)

Dreamy x1(3days bound)

Whisper x1(3days bound)

Exp Pill Lv 4 x1

Energy Stone Lv 4 x1

Vip card (3days)


Event Name:Santa`s Benediction - Triple Exp


Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Enjoy the Christmas holiday! All people who play during this weekend will earn triple EXP. Don't miss out!

Event Rules:

During the event, player will earn triple EXP.


Triple Exp(Note:Exp Card is still available, enjoy it!)


Event Name:Santa`s Benediction - Transformation Party

Event Duration:12.22-12.25

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Welcome to the grand transformation party! Attend battles to get a chance to transform and win some awesome rewards.

Event Rules:

Welcome to the grand transformation party! Attend battles to get a chance to transform and win some awesome rewards.


Practice Pill Lv 1 x2


Event Name:Santa`s Benediction - Gulu Rumpus

Event Duration:12.22-12.25, 7:00-8:00am, GMT-6(server time)

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The Christmas event has even got the attention of the Gulus. Come to fight against the Gulus and redeem tons of rewards in Gulu Kingdom!

Event Rules:

Enter the spa during the event and you can fight the Gulus to win points. The more Gulus you fight, the more points you'll get. Use these points to redeem gifts after the event ends.


Redeem rewards with points


DDTank Operating Group

Dec. 19th ,2012