Events: Weapon Evolution

Event Name:Weapon evolution - Free ☆☆weapon exchange

Event Duration:12.29 - 1.2

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The way of evolution is here, just this once, let's get stronger weapons,and charge in!

Event Rules:

During the event, you can use a +9 or above ☆weapon and exchange it for a +5 ☆☆weapon.

Step 1: Go to the Events and Rewards section (Gift Icon).

Step 2: Find this event in the list of Events on the left side.

Step 3: Select your +9 and above ☆Weapon and put it in the box.

Step 4: After putting it onto the box,click claim to receive a +5 ☆☆Weapon.Enjoy!


Reminder:The synthesis stat of +5 ☆☆Weapon is 0, please remove synthesis attribute before you redeem the +9 ☆Weapon.

We won't be responsible for the loss of synthesis attribute occurred during the redemption.


☆☆Flames, ☆☆Explosive, ☆☆Japan Dart, ☆☆Laser, ☆☆Nugget, ☆☆Basket, ☆☆Medical Kit, ☆☆Plunger, ☆☆TV


Event Name:Weapon evolution - Fortification Rewards

Event Duration:12.29 - 1.1

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:New Year is coming, DDTank Command asks armory to offer support to fortification of DDTank warriors!   

Event Rules:

During this time, DDTank players who have enhanced any equipment to 8,9,10,11,12 will receive huge rewards! Higher enhanced, richer rewards received! 


1.For successful fortification to level 8, you will get: Exp Pill Lv 4 x1, Attribute Pearl x1

2.For successful fortification to level 9, you will get: Mysterious Card Box x3, Exp pill Lv 5 x1

3.For successful fortification to level 10, you will get: Attribute Pearl x1, Romance Ring x1 (bound, 15 days)

4.For successful fortification to level 11, you will get: Romance Ring+1 x1 (bound, 15 days), Attribute Pearl x1,Defence Pearl x1, Offense Pearl x1

5.For successful fortification to level 12, you will get: Romance Ring+2 x1 (bound, 15 days), Junior Drills x15


DDTank Operating Group

Dec. 28th ,2012