DDTank Weekend Celebration

Event Name:Top Up Event - Free Bazooka!

Event Duration:3.9 - 3.11

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Hoo ha! The mighty Bazooka is here! It is made from the best ingredients in the world and even endowed with magic! It can be used as a weapon to beat the most powerful enemy in a flash!

Event Rules:

DDTank players who purchase coins will receive great rewards including the legendary Bazooka and other items that rarely to see in game!


(1)Top up 1995 – 5994 Coins and get: Energy Stone Lv 3 x3, Random Weapon Piece x 2, ☆Emerald (7days bound)

(2)Top up 5995 – 9994 Coins and get: Energy Stone Lv 4 x3, Random Weapon Piece x6, ☆Emerald (7days bound)

(3)Top up 9995 – 14994 Coins and get: Energy Stone Lv 5 x1, Random Weapon Piece x18, ☆Angel Eyes (7days bound)

(4)Top up 14995 – above will get: Energy Stone Lv 5 x3, Random Weapon Piece x38, ☆Sacred Water (7days bound)


Accumulated Rewards:

(1)Top up a total of 15,000 Coins will get: Venus Bracelet +2(15days bound)。

(2)Top up a total of 55,000 Coins will get: Guardian`s Book (15days bound), Attribute Blessing Pearl x3。

(3)Top up a total of 90,000 Coins will get: ☆Ares' Guard (15days bound), DEF Blessing Pearl x5。

(4)Top up a total of 125,000 coins will get: Bazooka (15days bound), ATK Blessing Pearl x5。



1,Single top up rewards are sent automaticly by system.

2,All items are bound.

3,Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once.


Event Name:Weapon evolution - Fortification Rewards

Event Duration:3.9 - 3.11

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The DDTank armory has been ask to offer support to fortification of DDTank warriors! That`s your chance to be stronger with prizes and rewards, do it now!

Event Rules:

During this time, DDTank players who have enhanced any equipment to 8,9,10,11,12 will receive huge rewards! Higher enhanced, richer rewards received!


1.For successful fortification to level 8, you will get: Mysterious Card Box x10, Junior Drills x5

2.For successful fortification to level 9, you will get: Mysterious Card Box x15, Junior Drills x10

3.For successful fortification to level 10, you will get: Mysterious Card Box x30, Junior Drills x20

4.For successful fortification to level 11, you will get: Defense Pearl: Strong Lv4, Junior Drills x30

5.For successful fortification to level 12, you will get: Offense Pearl: Repeat Lv4, Junior Drills x50


Event Name:Pirates "R"us

Event Duration:3.9 - 3.11

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Boys & Girls, a group of pirates just attacked DD Kingdom and are plundering everywhere. Let's beat them down!

Event Rules:

During the event, pirates will be randomly respawned in athlet match. Defeat pirates to win luxury rewards.


Random rewards in Pirate Chest:

Lv.5 Energy Stone, Romance Ring, Venus Bracelet, Happiness Ring, Random Lv.4 Syn Stone, Random Lv.3 Syn Stone, gold


Event Name:Redeem ☆Angelic

Event Duration:3.9 - 3.12

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.

Dear DDTank warriors, a new expedition is about to start. Let us accept god's benediction!

Event Rules:

Players who has Angelic Arm+12 can redeem for ☆Angelic Arm (7days bound);

Unlimited redemption


☆Angelic Arm


Event Name:Gulu Rumpus

Event Duration:3.9, 7:00 - 8:00 am, GMT-6(server time)

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The big carnival has even got the attention of the Gulus. Come to fight against the Gulus and redeem tons of rewards in Gulu Kingdom!

Event Rules:

Enter the spa during the event and you can fight the Gulus to win points. The more Gulus you fight, the more points you'll get. Use these points to redeem gifts after the event ends.


Redeem rewards with points


DDTank Operating Group

Mach 8th ,2013