Events:The Venus Goddess`s blessing!

Event Name:The Venus Goddess's blessing

Event Duration:4.17 - 4.23

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Romance never dies. Get married and hold a wedding ceremony to receive wonderful wedding gifts.

Event Rules:

During the event,a newly-married couple will get rewards after holding a wedding ceremony in the Wedding Chapel.


Newly married couples will receive:

Romance Ring (7days) x1



1.There is no limit to the number of times you can get married (and receive the rewards that follow).

2.Prizes will be issued within 3-5 business days after event via in-game mail.


Event Name:Happy Purchase

Event Duration:4.17 - 4.19

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Who will be the biggest buyer during the purchase holiday?

Event Rules:

During the event, every spend of 1000 coins in the shop will gain you a gift.


(1)5000: EXP Pill Lv 2 x2, Energy Stone Lv 3 x1;

(2)10000: EXP Pill Lv 3 x2, Energy Stone Lv 3 x2;

(3)30000: EXP Pill Lv 4 x2, Energy Stone Lv 4 x1, ☆Angelic Arm(7days bound);



1.All rewards are bound.

2.Spend a certain amount of coins in one attempt to win rewards. For example, spend 5000 coins will win EXP Pill Lv 2 x2, Energy Stone Lv 3 x1. Spend 5000 coins twice will win rewards twice.


Event Name:Lucky Wheel

Event Duration:4.17

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The Lucky Wheel has arrived. Let's gogogo!

Event Rules:

Players who reach level 10 can click the lucky wheel at game square to win bonus items!


DDTank Operating Group

April 16th ,2013