Events for DDtank Warriors

Event Name:Boss Fight-Devil Ancient Dragon-Lubatoth

Event Duration:9.17 19:00-21:00, 9.18 19:00-21:00, 9.22 9:00-21:00

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The ancient devil lord-Devil Flame Dragon Lubatoth has awaken from the seal. DDtank kingdom is now facing a whole new crisis, all warriors are needed to take this impossible challenge!

“Following the ancient oath,I shall drink blood till twilight, put the earth into sleep,and make the stars to for good and all!——I come from the abyss, and I shall bring darkness!“——Devil Ancient Dragon-Lubatoth.

Event Rules:

1.During the event, just click on "Boss" at the left top corner, and you can join the justice team to exterminate Devil Ancient Dragon-Lubatoth! Let's maintain the peace of our DDtank Kingdom!

2.Players who attends the World Boss fight could get promoted in HP 50000 points and Attack 10000 points(Will only be activated in World Boss fight). Players could buy "Challenge Skills" before the fight. And during the fight, pet and assistant tool could also be used. However, guild skills and Mayland's Bless will be invalid during the fight.

3.After fail in the fight, players will be sent back to the challenge lobby in reviving status. Once the reviving time is over, players would be able to challenge again. Players could challenge without times limitation, the event will be over when event time is expired or when the World Boss got killed.

4.The more participation, the more points. That means you may get bigger rewards.

5.World Boss Fight Time Limitation: 60 mins; Points exchange time: during 60 mins when the fight is over.       


1.During the 60 mins after the Boss fight is end, the gained points could be exchanged with huge rewards.

2.Point ranking rewards:

No.1:Pet Refresh Coupon x15, Special Crop C x15, Card Spirit Chest x15, Attribute Pearl x15, Random Card Box x15;

No.2:Pet Refresh Coupon x12, Special Crop C x12, Card Spirit Chest x12, Attribute Pearl x12, Random Card Box x12;

No.3:Pet Refresh Coupon x9, Special Crop C x9, Card Spirit Chest x9, Attribute Pearl x9, Random Card Box x9;

No.4:Pet Refresh Coupon x6, Special Crop C x6, Card Spirit Chest x6, Attribute Pearl x6, Random Card Box x6;

No.5:Pet Refresh Coupon x3, Special Crop C x3, Card Spirit Chest x3, Attribute Pearl x3, Random Card Box x3;

Last hit:Pet Refresh Coupon x3, Special Crop C x3, Card Spirit Chest x3, Attribute Pearl x3, Random Card Box x3;


Event Name:Limited Time Top-Up Event-Energy Stone

Event Duration:9.17-9.21

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Warriors! Available for a limited time only, receive rewards when you recharge!

Event Rules:

Recharge now to get excellent awards. No one should miss it!


Recharge 300+ Coins and get: Energy Stone x10;

Accumulated Rewards:

(1)Top up a total of 10000 Coins will get: Junior Drill x200;

(2)Top up a total of 20000 Coins will get: Junior Drill x500;


Event Name:Ant Miner

Event Duration:9.17-9.21

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:It is said that the miners have discovered new resource spot, and they have delivered the new ores to the Queen Ant. And rumor runs that this new spot is producing "Enhance Stone" too. Just come to discover them!

Event Rules:

To finish Ant boatyard map to get "Enhance Stone"; Each player can get the rewards only once.


Rewards for Easy "Ant Cave": Energy Stone x15;

Rewards for Normal "Ant Cave": Energy Stone x20;


Event Name:DDTank2-The king's Charity-Reward for Pet Adopting

Event Duration:9.17-9.22

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:The charity from the king, just to adopt a pet and it will brings you huge reward, warriors, answer the call now!

Event Rules:

Every time you adopt a 3-star or 4-star pet would get the reward from the king. 


Reward for every 3-star pet:

Card Spirit Chest x1, Practice Pill Lv1 x2;

Reward for every 4-star pet:

Card Spirit Chest x10, Practice Pill Lv2 x10, Natural Food A x300, Attribute Pearl x15;


1.reward could be obtained repeatedly;

2.reward will be sent in 2-7 Days after the event ends;


Event Name:DDTank2-The lord of the farm-Trail of Pet level

Event Duration:9.17-9.22

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:On this wild land of DDTank, the kingdom needs a brilliant farm lord, and will you be that man?

It is going to be a trial, if you are confident enough, come and get it!

Event Rules:

To upgrade your pet to related level, then you will receive abundant rewards.


Pet level reaches Lvl.10——Receive: Silver medal farm lord rewards (VIP Coin x5, Energy Stone x2, Junior Drill x2, Amulet 25% x1);

Pet level reaches Lvl.20——Receive: Gold medal farm lord rewards (VIP Coin x5, Energy Stone x10, Junior Drill x10, Amulet 25% x3);

Pet level reaches Lvl.30——Receive: Copper medal farm lord rewards (VIP Coin x10, Energy Stone x20, Junior Drill x15, Amulet 25% x5);

The rewards will be sent within 2 days after event ends;


Event Name:Archangel's Blessing-☆ Angelic Arm

Event Duration:9.17-9.21

Event Participation:All servers

Event Content:Angel's feather possesses some mysterious power, which is blessed by the archangel! Never miss it!

Angelic Arm+12 plus Angel Feather x1 can exchange ☆ Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1     

Event Rules:

Angel Feather Discount Area, sells exclusive item: Angel Feather x1/165 Coins.

PS: Use Angel feather alone will get you random reward like excellent Jewelry.


☆ Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1


DDTank Operating Group

Sept. 17, 2013