Events for DDtank Warriors

Event Name: Lucky God arrives!

Event Duration: 3.5-3.7 

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Beginning from this event, the winner who can make consecutive champion for 3 times will be rewarded the Permanent Janelle!!

The happy days are always so short, now you can have more happiness. Open the Angel Jars to get a chance to win blessing from the Lucky God and redeem rare items with Lucky Color Stones!

Event Rules:

During the event, use Angel Hammer to open Angel Jars and you has a chance to win Lucky Color Stones, which will be saved in "My Lucky Color Stones". You can check top 10 players with most Lucky Color Stones in "Lucky Ranking" which will automatically update. Rewards will be sent accordingly after the event.


After the event, a list of "Lucky Color Stone Rewards Redeem" will pop up in which you can check the top 10 players and rewards. All the rewards will be sent in mail (Bound), and all the Lucky Color Stones that are obtained during the event will be taken; the artifact and rings will expire after 23 days.

1. Player who owns most "Lucky color stone" which is over 30 will get Antic raft---"Janelle".

2. No.2-10 ranked players who own "Lucky color stone" is over 30 will accordingly get Eternity Ring+5, Romance Ring+5, Venus Bracelet+5.


No.1: "Janelle" (Attack+316, Defense+54, Agility+316, Luck+316);

No.2, 3: Eternity Ring+5 (Attribute Attack+90, Defense+90, Agility+90, Luck+90);

No.4, 5, 6, 7: Romance Ring+5 (Attack+63, Defense+63, Agility+63, Luck+63);

No.8, 9, 10: Venus Bracelet+5 (Attack+60, Defense+60, Agility+60, Luck+60);

3. All the other players on the ranking will get EXP Pills according to the number of Lucky Color Stone owned.


1. Lucky Color Stone*1 = EXP pack*1

2. Lucky Color Stone*2 = Lv.1 EXP Pill*1

3. Lucky Color Stone*4 = Lv.2 EXP Pill*2

4. Lucky Color Stone*8 = Lv.3 EXP Pill*1

For instance, 150 Lucky Color Stones = Lv.3 EXP Pill*18 + Lv.2 EXP Pill*1 + Lv.1 EXP Pill*1.


1. Janelle and all the other event rings are bound and will expire after 23 days, non-renewable.

2. Rewards will be sent according to the ranking one week after the Angel Jar on shelf.

3. Lucky Color Stones will not be available from Angel Jars after the event.

4. Items are random from Angel Jars.

5. We reserve the right of final explanation


Event Name: The excellent pet project from DDTank Minister

Event Duration: 3.5-3.7 

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content:  "Are you the coolest warrior? Are you still using the 3-star pet? Come quickly to join this event, once you have consumed enough Coins, the DDTank Kingdom ministers will send you the gift-- the 4-star excellent limited Pet "Poison Chick"! The excellent 4-star, you are worth it!

Event Rules:

System Rewards for Consumption Event in Shop.


1. During the event, when you take one-off consumption to reach over 300 Coins, can you get Junior Drill x3

2. During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 5000 Coins, can you get ☆-BTboy(attack: 20, defense: 20, agility: 20, luck: 20)x1(15Days);

3. During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 9000 Coins, can you Romance Ring+2 x2(15Days);

4. During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 32000 Coins, can you get Rare Little Gulu(5);


1. The reward will be sent immediately after your consumption.

2. This is a repeatable event.

3. Cumulative consumption reward will be sent in 2 days after the event is over.


Event Name: Angel Hammer 80% off  

Event Duration: 3.5-3.7

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Thanks for being with DDTank2. We now offer you Angel Hammer 80% off. Enjoy the discount!

Event Rules:

For details, please go to the shop.


Angel Hammer x1/20Coins;


Event Name: Limited Payment Pack Event

Event Duration: 3.5-3.7 

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Warriors! Available for a limited time only, receive rewards when you recharge!

Event Rules:

Recharge now to get excellent awards. No one should miss it!


(1) Recharge 300 Coins and get: Angel Hammer x10,Angel Jar x20;

(2) Recharge 1000 Coins and get: Angel Hammer x45,Angel Jar x60;


1. Recharge rewards are sent automatically by system.

2. Recharge more to gain more rewards, there are no recharge limits!

3. Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once.

Please check out announcement in the game for more events!

DDTank Operating Group

March 5, 2014