Events for DDtank Warriors

Event Name:Archangel's Blessing-☆Angelic Arm

Event Duration:3.19-3.21

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Angel's feather possesses some mysterious power, which is blessed by the archangel! Never miss it!

Angelic Arm+12 plus Angel Feather x1 can exchange ☆Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1

Event Rules:

Angel Feather Discount Area sells exclusive item: Angel Feather x1/145 Coins.

PS: Use Angel feather alone will get you random reward like excellent Jewelry.


☆Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1


Event Name:DDtank Kingdom-Weapon Upgrade 5

Event Duration:3.20-3.22 

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: The weapon upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.

Event Rules:

☆Angelic Arm +12 ,☆☆Muramasa+9 x1(days) exchange Mighty Angelic Arm+5 x1(Permanent);



1.Could be completed once;


Mighty Angelic Arm+5 x1(Permanent);


Event Name:Period for 40% off in Shop-Fallen Angel Pack  

Event Duration:3.19-3.22

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content:Period for discount during event time in Shop.


Energy Stone x1/52 Coins;

Angel Feather x1/145 coins;

☆☆Muramasa x1(7days)/1999 coins;


Event Name:Legacy of the ancient DDTank kingdom - Pyramid

Event Duration:3.19-3.20

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Explore the mystery pyramid to hunt treasure. And there is Mace of God right at the top of Pyramid. You only get chance like this once in a blue moon

Event Rules:

Every player has one free explore attempt. The points you win can be used to exchange for Pharaoh's equipment.


Event Name:Evil Tribe

Event Duration:3.19-3.21

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: Explores have discovered a new field-a initial rainforest area. The ruler of this rainforest had a brilliant past and ruled a vast land with darkness extending to the whole world. They are ""Evil Empire"". People their worship Evil Gods and use blood to please them. Now this empire has declined, but its blood continues to live. Under the leadership of the powerful priests, the empire has established an evil tribe to prepare for its recovery. They are making horrible sacrificial practices to beg for the evil gods to come again.

The plot is coming down to this land, the new adventure has begun! Come and join to explore the evil tribe now, Warriors!

Event Rules:

Complete Evil Tribe of different difficulty levels to win rewards. Limited entries available, hurry up!


The first 200 players who complete Evil Tribe Difficult:

Practice Pill Lv2 x2, Energy Stone x2, Crop B x3;


The first 20 players who complete Evil Tribe Heroic:

Practice Pill Lv2 x5, Energy Stone x10, Crop A x10;

Please check out announcement in the game for more events!

DDTank Operating Group

March 5, 2014