New Server DDTank Contest

Time: Two weeks after the launch of S12.  Please pay attention to the official announcement.

Area: New server S12


1. One player is one unit. The mode is 1V1. Lv.20 required.

2. Forum thread will be open for application in advance. Please pay attention to the official announcement.


Format of application is:

Player Account: XXX(Please ensure correct)

Player Name: XXX(Please ensure correct)

Player Level: XXX

Screenshot:(Includes ID name and combat power):

DDTank - You will be the only dragon slayer in the land.

Note: In order to prevent players hiding their real power, the application must be attached with a screenshot of player’s current equipment with the highest combat power so that GM can divide players into groups accordingly.


The difference of the Combat Power during application and the Combat Power before the conquest can’t be larger than 3000.


Player Selection Rules:

128 payers will be selected to compete in the new server and get rewards based on the final ranking.


At the end of registration, if:

1.Over 128 players sign up, the system will select players based on their combat power.

2.Less than 128 players sign up, 64 players will be selected based on their combat power.

3.Less than 64 players sign up, 32 players will be selected based on their combat power.

4.Less than 32 players sign up, 16 players will be selected based on their combat power.

5.Less than 16 players sign up, the completion schedule will be arranged based on their combat power and they will directly fight for the final ranking.


DDtank staff will review application list at the end of the registration and arrange the time and opponents to fight.


Competition Rules:

1.DDtank staff will arrange the time and opponents before the contest. The contest adopts single-elimination mechanism and players will compete at random maps.

2.tems Armor Break and Nuclear Explosion are forbidden to use in the contest.

3.Any third party game assistant software and cheats are banned in the contest. Anyone who is found using them will be disqualified.

4. Players must upload the screenshot of the contest result in the specific time to Below is an example:

DDTank - You will be the only dragon slayer in the land.

Event Rewards:

All participants will get a reward!

No.1: Fallen Angel's Sickle x1, ☆-BTboy,Energy Stone x100, Eternity Ring+4 x2, Venus Bracelet+4 x2, Card Spirit Chest x80, Spirit Pill x100

No.2: Spartacus' Trident x1, Energy Stone x80, Eternity Ring+2 x2, Venus Bracelet+2 x2, Card Spirit Chest x60, Spirit Pill x60

No.3: T*Daily Progress x1, Energy Stone x60, Eternity Ring+1 x2, Venus Bracelet+1 x2, Card Spirit Chest x40, Spirit Pill x40

No.4-8: Eternity Ring x2, Venus Bracelet x2, Card Spirit Chest x20, Energy Stone x50, Spirit Pill x30

No.9-16: Happiness Ring+1 x4, Energy Stone x40, Card Spirit Chest x10, Spirit Pill x20

No.17-32: Happiness Ring x4, Energy Stone x30, Spirit Pill x15

No.33-64: Romance Ring+1 x2, Energy Stone x20, Spirit Pill x10

No.65-128: Romance Ring x2, Energy Stone x10


1.All the in-game rewards are bound, valid for 365 days and renewable;

2.Rewards will be sent within 3 working days after the event ends;

3.DDTank staffs are not allowed to attend this contest. Otherwise they will be disqualified and punished.

4.Data will be reviewed and players using cheats will be disqualified immediately;

5.DDTank reserves all rights of this event. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

DDTank Operation Group

Mar. 28, 2014