DDTank Opening Events—Burning Sun Equipment Pack

Event NameBurning Sun Equipment Pack
Event TimeNov 18 ~ Dec 19
Event ContentExperience the power of extensive attack. Let's get armed to the teeth!
Event RulesAt the “Activity&Rewards” interface, select “Burning Sun Equipment Pack” and click to gain attack equipment as powerful as the burning sun.
Event Rewards☆· Lightning +3(7days,all synthetic attributes10)×1;
Devil Bracelet+1(7days,all synthetic attributes 10)×1;
Flame Ring+1(7days,all synthetic attributes 10)×1;
Fire Elf(7 days)×1;
Double Exp(3 days)×1;
Vermilion Lv2×3;
Please note: All rewards are binding


DDTank Operating Group
November 17th, 2010