DDTank Opening Events—League of Glory

Event NameLeague of Glory
Event TimeNov 18 ~ Nov 30
Event ContentLighten the blaze of glory for our leagues!
Event RulesDuring the event, leagues that reach the required level on this server can all gain rewards. League of the highest level will receive a higher special reward!
Event Rewards
1.All members of a Lv4 league can get Lv2 Energy Stonex3,Lv2 Dragon Stonex3,Lv2 Vermilion Stonex3,Lv2 Tiger Stonex3,Lv2 Serpent Stonex3;
2.All members of a Lv5 league can get Lv3 Energy Stonex2,Lv3 Dragon Stonex2,Lv3 Vermilion Stonex2,Lv3 Tiger Stonex2,Lv3 Serpent Stonex2;
3.All members in a league with the highest league can get Lv3 Energy Stonex4,Lv3 Dragon Stonex4,Lv3 Vermilion Stonex4,Lv3 Tiger Stonex4,Lv3 Serpent Stonex4,random Attribute Pearlx1;
Please note:
1. Rewards cannot be claimed repeatedly, members of a highest level league can only claim the third reward..
2. If there are more than one league with the highest level, then the league with the most wealth will win.                       
3. All league data and member list are subject to the latest updates in Hall of Fame on the final date of this activity.
4. Rewards will be sent in 5 to 7 days after the event.
5. All activity rewards are binding.


DDTank Operating Group
November 17th, 2010