Thanksgiving Family Feast

Event NameThanksgiving Family Feast
Event TimeNov 22 ~ Dec 6
Event ContentStrive for the Thanksgiving family feast!
Event RulesDuring the event, “Thanksgiving Family Feast” quest will open to players. Complete7 sports fights can finish the quest and gain rewards! (The quest can only be taken once a day).
Event Rewards2000 EXP, 100Gold, Turkey Feastx1.
Turkey Feast offers one of the following rewards randomly:
Flame Ring+1(3 days)x1, Devil Bracelet+1(3 days)x1, Angel Bracelet+1(3 days)x1, Clover Ring+1(3 days)x1, Energy Stone Lv4x1, Emerald(permanent)x1, Agility Bracelet+1(3 days)x1, Feather Ring+1(3 days)x1, Stability Bracelet+1(3 days)x1, Blue Ring+1(3 days)x1.

DDTank Operating Group
November 17th, 2010