New Items are Available in the First Renew!

Since Open Beta of DDTank, it is regarded as the hottest shooting game, and now it is running on the right track!
In order to increase more fun to the players, we have updated the shop in the game adding some new items in it. Huge amounts of funny outfits are showing! More rare items have prepared! Hope it will take more conveniences to you.
Do you want to have a look at the cool new items in the shop? Ok, we will choose some special charming items to show you here! For example:

Funky It’s time for relax. Celebrity I am clever!
Purple Time for dating! Dress up well! Safety Keeps ultraviolet radiation away!
Sky Free I'm the most beautiful bride  in the world! Jim Carrey Anything better than this?
Butterfly Star Look like a butterfly in flowers. Sienna Miller I’m the princess!
Passion I have passion! Naïve Don’t give up in the fight! Keep up my spirit!


Treasure from snow. S-Ad I'm missing you!

Besides items purchased by Coins, three Voucher payable weapons are added as well. You can gain Vouchers by completing tasks.


T.Magic Wind

After all, with those charming items, you can make DIY for your character in different ways.  Hope you can enjoy this game!


                                                     DDTank Operating Group
December 3rd, 2010