The Result of “League of Glory”

Dear DDT players, we have witnessed an increasing number of leagues in game spring up since the open beta two weeks ago. Among all the leagues, we have only one very best League. Congrats to the “<-ManchupZ->” League as it is the only one reaching Level 4. Nice job!
The following are your rewards:
1. All members of a Lv 4 league can get Lv2 Energy Stone ×3,  Lv2 Dragon Stone ×3, Lv2 Vermilion Stone ×3, Lv2 Tiger Stone ×3, Lv2 Serpent Stone×3;
2. All members in a league with the highest league can get Lv3 Energy Stone×4, Lv3 Dragon Stone ×4, Lv3 Vermilion Stone ×4, Lv3 Tiger Stone ×4, Lv3 Serpent Stone×4, random Attribute Pearl ×1.
All the rewards have been sent to our winners, please accept them timely.

DDTank Operating Group
December 3rd, 2010