Winners of “Who’s the Strongest DD Tanker”

Dear DDT players, after 2 weeks of fierce competition, some players finally succeed in standing the test of time as they stand out among all players. Let us applaud them. If you don’t see your own name on our list, please don’t feel frustrated, as long as you try your best, there is no regret at all and the fun of game comes first of all. The following is the winner list

Level Ranking Character Name
1 Arielz
2 gathit
3 GabrielFire


Glory Ranking Character Name
1 Elven
2 Merryl
3 SparkleYunie


Power Ranking Character Name
1 Jin
2 Lilzin
3 RedAnt



Rewards cannot be claimed repeatedly. Each player can only claim the reward of his or her highest ranking,which means if a player wins two or more highest prizes, he can only get a corresponding top reward. Vacant position will be supplemented by the next player.
All the rewards have been sent to our winners, please accept them timely.

DDTank Operating Group
December 3rd, 2010