Vote For Fashion Show 2014

Fashion show 2014 has ended today. We have seen so many awesome works. For principles of justice and fairness, we sincerely invite you to vote now. Please judge these works objectively before you vote. After the vote, we will choose two winners from each theme according to the vote rate. Thank you for your time and participation.

Vote time: August 1,4:00 -August 7, 23:59, 2014

1. Cute & Adorable

Cute & Adorable<1>

Cute & Adorable<2>


2. Theme: Cool & Creative

Cool & Creative


3. Theme:The Victorious Smile

The Victorious Smile


4. Theme: Strong & Mighty

There is only one design, so do not need to vote.

DDTank Operating Group

August 1,2014