Gifts from Santa Claus

Event Name: Gifts from Santa Claus
Event Time: Dec 12, 2010 ~ Jan 2, 2011
Event Range: for all the servers
Event Content: Look what Santa Claus has brought us this year!
Event Rules:
During the event, you can complete the quest “Gifts from Santa Claus” and receive Christmas presents. You can finish the quest immediately after taking it.
Event Rewards:
500 Exp, 100 Gold, Christmas stockingx1                                                         
“Christmas stocking” contains one of the following items: 100Vouchers, Exp Pill Lv1, Surprise Boxx1, Red Nosex1, and also one random reward from the following items: Energy Stone Lv2x3, Energy Stone Lv3x1, Dragon Lv2x3, Vermilion Lv2x3, Serpent Lv2x3, Tiger Lv2x3.                                                                                                               
Please note:
1. Rewards without special labels are all bound.                     
2. Only Lv5 or higher level players can complete the quest.    

DDTank Operating Group
December 10th, 2010