What`s in a Name?

In a glimpse of time, DDTank has accompanied us for several years. We are wondering if you still remember your excitement of seeing DDTank for the first time and would like to know what inspired you to choose your character name. Join “What’s in a Name?” and answer the question about what inspired your Character's name. Tell us your in-game name and server name to win mysterious rewards.

Welcome To Join Us!!!

Duration:  August 7 until August 21, 2014



Q: What inspired your Character's name?

A:My real name is Lynn, and 6 is the my lucky number.

In Game Name: Lynn6

Sever: Happy Paradise



1. Every ID can only claim rewards once.

2. If the total number of replies is more than 80, we will randomly pick 20 players to send them extra rewards.

3. To join the event, your answer must be made in this thread. (Join Us Here)

4. The final interpretation right is reserved by Game321.

DDT Operation Group

August 7