New Version Events for DDtank Warriors

1.DDTank2-Login rewards(9.17-9.23)

Free gifts for everyone for limited time!


Click "Event" to get gifts.


Fortune Chips x1, VIP Coin x5, Warriors Arena Ticket(Easy)x2, Exp Pill Lv 5 x3, Kissing(Boy Closet) x1(7Days), Cute(Girl Closet) x1(7Days), ☆☆·Love of Snow Piece Basic x6


2.Double XP Carnival!(9.17-9.21)

Want to experience the joy of seeing double?


During the event, players can double the fun by earning double experience!  Apply 2 double XP cards to quadruple the fun!


Combat experience gained ×200%.


3.Legacy of the ancient DDTank kingdom - Pyramid(9.17)

Explore the mystery pyramid to hunt treasure. And there is Mace of God right at the top of Pyramid. You only get chance like this once in a blue moon.


Every player has one free explore attempt. The points you win can be used to exchange for Pharaoh's equipment.


4.DDTank2-Luck O Dice~35% discount(9.17)

Luck O Dice~ receive handsome rewards by rolling the dice!!


Earl's welfare, dice 3 discount;

1. Everyone will receive one free roll a day!

2. If you are feeling lucky, you may purchase dices for additional roll!!!

There are a total of three types of dice(s) you can purchase:

(1) For 40 coins, you can get 2 dices to roll.

(2) For 45 coins, you can get a dice that will only result in 1-3.

(3) For 45 coins, you can get a dice that will only result in 4-6.

3. For 10 coins, you can refresh the prizes.

4. You will earn dice points from rolling the dice. The more times you roll, the more points you get!


1. All items from Dice are bound.

2. Must be  lvl 5 or above to participate.


5.New version, new name!(9.17-9.19)


New version, new name! To have a brand new start, buy name cards! During the event time, there's big big discount——50% off for Name Card & League Name Card.


Name Card x1/1292 coins

League Name Card x1/2450 coins


6.Limit Payment Gift(9.17-9.19)

Warriors! Available for a limited time only, receive rewards when you recharge!


EVERY PLAYERS recharging for the FIRST time during the new version event could get excellent reward. No one should miss it! Go go go!


With the least amount of Coins, get the most significant improvement!

(1)Top up a total of 990 coins will get : Defense Pearl x5, VIP card x1(3Days), Beast Gem x3;

(2)Top up a total of 2999 coins will get: Colored Shadow Wings(Closet) x1 (7Days), Spirit Pill x30;

(3)Top up a total of 6,900 Coins will get: Happiness Ring+2 x1(15Days) ;

(4)Top up a total of 15,990 Coins will get: Star Prayer x1(15Days), Star Priest x1(15Days);

(5)Top up a total of 24,990 Coins will get: Maya God(male) x1(15Days)/Maya God(female) x1(15Days)


1. Recharge rewards are sent automatically by system.

2. Recharge more to gain more rewards, there are no recharge limits.

3. Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once.


7.Items in Shop——Closet(9.17-9.19)

Closets in Shop!



Feather Hat x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Resplendent Carnelian x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Dark Brown x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Green Punk x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Handsome x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Curly Hair x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Kissing x1(7Days)/33 Coins;

Holiday x1(7Days)/333 Coins;

Solitary x1(7Days)/333 Coins;

Lofty Sentiments and Aspirations x1(7Days)/67 Coins;

100% Confidence x1(7Days)/67 Coins;

Base Ball Cap x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Shako x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Rebel x1(7Days)/200 Coins;

Wild Football (M) x1(7Days)/169 Coins


Noble x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Bunny Ear x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Goggles x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Wild & Wicked x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Spring in Italy x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

French Curls x1(7Days)/100 Coins;

Hurt x1(7Days)/33 Coins;

BBQ x1(7Days)/333 Coins;

Red x1(7Days)/333 Coins;

Naive x1(7Days)/67 Coins;

Happy x1(7Days)/67 Coins;

Tuque x1(7Days)/133 Coins;

Music x1(7Days)/200 Coins

Wild Football (F) x1(7Days)/169 Coins


8.Period for discount in Shop-ATK Blessing Pack(9.18-9.19)

Period for discount during event time in Shop.


ATK Blessing Pack x1/318 Coins;

ATK Blessing Pack x10/2999 Coins;


All change is subject to the updates in game. We reserve all the right for the final explanation.

DDTank Operating Group

 Sept 17, 2014