Events for DDtank Warriors(10.11-10.14)

1.Limit Payment Gift-New T-Set(10.11-10.12)

Warriors! Available for a limited time only, receive rewards when you recharge!

Recharge now to get excellent awards. No one should miss it!

"(1) Recharge 1,000~2,999 Coins and get: Romance Ring x2(7Days), Spirit Pill x5;

(2) Recharge 3,000~5,999 Coins and get: Happiness Ringx1(7Days), Venus Pacelet x1(7Days), Energy Stone x30;

(3) Recharge 6,000~9,999 Coins and get: Eternity Ring+1 x1(7Days), Happiness Ring x3(7Days), Energy Stone x60, Enhance Stone x5, Spirit Pill x10;

(4) Recharge 10,000~29,999Coins and get: Eternity Ring+1 x2(7Days), Shiva Pacelet x4(7Days), Junior Drill x50, Energy Stone x100, Enhance Stone x5, Pet Food C x20, Mysterious Card Box x20;

(5) Recharge 30,000 Coins and get: Eternity Ring+2 x1(7Days), Shiva Pacelet+2 x1(7Days), Energy Stone x100, Enhance Stone x5, Pet Food C x50, Junior Drill x120, Spirit Pill x100;


Accumulated Rewards:

(1) Top up a total of 3900 Coins will get: Insouciance(Closet) x1(15Days)/Deap Yearning(Closet) x1(15Days);

(2) Top up a total of 6900 Coins will get: Samurai Helmet x1(15Days), Heavy Samurai Armor x1(15Days);

(3) Top up a total of 9990 Coins will get: Super Boy(Closet) x1(15Days)/Blue(Closet) x1(15Days), Enhance Stone x5;

(4) Top up a total of 15,990 Coins will get: Waggle x1(T-Set Cloth,OF:20 DF:20 AG:20 LK:20,7Days,Renewable);

(5) Top up a total of 26,888 coins will get: Ice Phoenix (3);

(6) Top up a total of 32,999 coins will get: ☆Magic Lollypop x1((OF:138 DF:42 AG:222 LK:126,Harm:247,15Days,Renewable);


1. Recharge rewards are sent automatically by system.

2. Recharge more to gain more rewards, there are no recharge limits.

3. Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once."


2.DDtank Kingdom-☆☆Magic Lollypop(Harm:275)(10.11-10.13)

The weapon upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.

"☆Magic Lollypop+12 plus Undying Heart x8 could exchange for ☆☆Magic Lollypop x1(Harm:275,7Days);


1. Could be completed once;"

☆☆Magic Lollypop x1(Harm:275,7Days);


3.DDKing Coveant's Day(10.11-10.12)

During the activity, the players who open a DDKing Coveant account or renew an old one will receive Kingdom rewards.

"1. Activate DDKing Coveant for 30 days: Honor Essence x10, Spirit Pill x20, Junior Drill x30;

2. Activate DDKing Coveant for 90 days: Spear x1(7Days),  Honor Essence x40, Spirit Pill x60;

3. Activate DDKing Coveant for 180 days: ☆☆·Flying Poom x1(7Days),  Honor Essence x80, Spirit Pill x100;

PS: Prize will be sent out via mail in 2-business days."


4.DDtank Kingdom-☆Spear(10.11-10.13)

The weapon upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.

"Spear+12 could exchange for ☆Spear x1(7Days);


1. Could be completed once;"

☆Spear x1(7Days);


5.PETs in shop! (10.11-10.12)

Big discount here!

"Pretty Kitten x1/5190 coins

Chick(4 Star) x1/2290 coins

Young Blue Ant(4 Star)/2290 coins

Little Gulu(4 Star) x1/2290 coins

Green Bud(4 Star) x1/2290 coins"


6.Items SALE in shop! (10.12-10.13)

"Horn x1/99 coins

Energy Stone x1/52 coins

Name Card x1/1590 coins

League Name Card x1/3020 coins"


7.Double XP Carnival!(10.11-10.12)

Want to experience the joy of seeing double?

During the event, players can double the fun by earning double experience!  Apply 2 double XP cards to quadruple the fun!

Combat experience gained ×200%.


8.Legacy of the ancient DDTank kingdom - Pyramid(10.11-10.12)

Explore the mystery pyramid to hunt treasure. And there is Mace of God right at the top of Pyramid. You only get chance like this once in a blue moon.

Every player has one free explore attempt. The points you win can be used to exchange for Pharaoh's equipment.


9.Lucky Wheel-Coins(10.11)

The Lucky Wheel has arrived. Let's gogogo!

Players whoever reaches lvl 10 could participate in this event, click "Lucky Wheel" in the Game and you are able to get complimentary coins of different proportion for recharge, exceptional items will be rewarded too.

The highest return is 1000 Coins.


10.Jewel Farm available in 24 hours~30% discount(10.12)

Jewel Farm is here today! DDtankers can attend the event by entering "Jewel Farm" in the game hall. Have fun and good luck!

"During the event, DDtankers can refresh the jewels displayed to obtain the items you are satisfied with. As the event going on, DDtankers will be gifted free refresh times. (Currently, DDtankers can get 1 free refresh chance every 5 minutes. There's no limit on the refresh times.) Unlocking all 5 cards can get 1 auto-refresh chance or DDtankers can spend 50 coins to manually refresh items in the Jewel Farm.  After the refreshing,  DDtankers can click ""Start"" button to flip the card, during which DDtankers can view the hidden items via Eagle Eye, but there're limits on the times to flip cards and use Eagle Eye every round. Once the times used up, DDtankers can enter the next round of card-flipping. Jewel Farm Card-flipping and Eagle Eye prices are below:

Flip Card

1st Time: 1 coins

2nd Time: 45 coins

3rd Time: 115 coins

4th Time: 190coins

5th Time: 260 coins

Eagle Eye

1st Time: 30 coins

2nd Time: 90 coins

3rd Time: 190 coins

4th Time: 270 coins

5th Time: 360 coins"


11.Gulu Kingdom Assault(10.12-10.14)

You! That's right, you! A truckload of items have been dropped in the Gulu Kingdom. Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign and you'll receive a share of the spoils. What do you say? - Sir Richard

Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign on different difficulty levels to receive your reward.

"The first 200 players who completeGulu Kingdom Difficult:

Practice Pill Lv1 x2, Energy Stone x2;

The first 20 players who complete Gulu Kingdom Heroic:

Practice Pill Lv2 x2, Energy Stone x10;"


12.King's Chicks!(10.12-10.14)

"""In the night with no moon, unknown thieves sneaked into the palace barton and stole our king's chicks.""---Earl Eggy; Hurry up warriors, save the innocent chicks!"

To finish "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty "Run Run Chicken" will get warriors rewards;

"1. Rewards for Normal ""Run Run Chicken"": Energy Stone x15;

2. Rewards for Hard ""Run Run Chicken"": Energy Stone x20;"


13.Time Warriors(10.12-10.14)

Are you good enough to be a Time Warrior? Finish Time Vortex heroic, the most challenging instance! And get yourself a chance to win an E weapon and Romance Ring!!

Complete Time Vortex of different difficulty levels to win rewards. Limited entries available, hurry up!

"The first 50 players who complete Time Vortex Easy: Warriors Arena Ticket(Easy)x1, Card Spirit Chest x2;

The first 40 players who complete Time Vortex Norma: Warriors Arena Ticket (Easy)x1, Card Spirit Chest x4;

The first 30 players who complete Time Vortex Hard: Warriors Arena Ticket (Normal)x1, Card Spirit Chest x6;

The first 20 players who complete Time Vortex Heroic: Warriors Arena Ticket (Normal)x1, Card Spirit Chest x8;"

DDTank Operation Team