Great Events For DDTank Warriors(10.30-11.2)

1.Discount for Ant Samurai Set Package(10.30-10.31)



Discount for Ant Samurai Set Package.


"Samurai Helmet x1(7Days)/999 Coins;

Heavy Samurai Armor x1(7Days)/1388 Coins;"


2.Ant Samurai Gear Exchange for Spartacus Gear(10.30-11.1)



The beatiful Ant Queen are favor in the brave warriors, specially she worships the legendary Spartacus' warrior. If you have the +12 Ant Samurai Set, then the queen can exchange the legendary Spartacus Gear part for you!

Use the +12 Ant Samurai Gear to exchange for the Spartacus Gear.

"1. Samurai Helmet+12 could exchange for Spartacus' Murmillo Helmet x1(15Days);

2. Heavy Samurai Armor+12 could exchange for Spartacus' Muscle Armor x1(15Days);"


3.Star Priest Suit(10.30-11.1)



Star Priest Suit coming. You shouldn't miss it!

Use the +12 Spartacus Gear to exchange for the Star Gear.

"1. Spartacus' Murmillo Helmet+12 could exchange for Star Prayer x1(15Days);

2. Spartacus' Muscle Armor+12 could exchange for Star Priest x1(15Days);"


4.King's Chicks!(10.30-10.31)



"""In the night with no moon, unknown thieves sneaked into the palace barton and stole our king's chicks.""---Earl Eggy; Hurry up warriors, save the innocent chicks!"

To finish "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty "Run Run Chicken" will get warriors rewards;

"1. Rewards for Normal ""Run Run Chicken"": Ghost Card x5;

2. Rewards for Hard ""Run Run Chicken"": Ghost Card x8;"


5.Gulu Kingdom Assault(10.30-10.31)



You! That's right, you! A truckload of items have been dropped in the Gulu Kingdom. Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign and you'll receive a share of the spoils. What do you say? - Sir Richard

Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign on different difficulty levels to receive your reward.

"The first 200 players who completeGulu Kingdom Difficult:

Ghost Card x8;

The first 50 players who complete Gulu Kingdom Heroic:

Ghost Card x12;"


6. Big Sale in the end of Oct!(10.30-10.31)



"Pretty Kitten x1/5190 coins

Little Gulu(4 Star) x1/2290 coins

Keris x1/8999 coins

☆·Bazooka x1(7Day, Unrenewable) x1/2000 Coins

Artifact Pack 1 Rod x1/260 Coins

Labyrinth Pack x1/228 Coins"


7.DDtank Kingdom-Earl's Sword(10.30-11.1)



The weapon upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.

"Keris+12 could exchange Earl's Sword x1(7Days);


1. Could be completed once;"

Earl's Sword x1(7Days);


8.Synthesize (10.30-11.2)



DDTank Kingdom develops a new supply plan to enhance our power!

During the event, who successfully synthesizing lv5 stone to equipment will be rewarded. More stones you synthesize, more rewards to receive.

"Successfully synthesizing lv5 stone to equipement will rewarded with Ghost Card x2


1、 No limit on the number of times. Successfully synthesizing twice ,then Energy Stone x10 to be received, by that analogy.

2、Rewards will be sent via mail."


9.Shop Extravaganza-Ghost Card(10.30-10.31)



The shopping extravaganza starts now! Who will be the biggest winner?

In the event duration, to have one-time top up reaching certained amount would get you abundant rewards! The more you buy, the more you will get! Top up now!

"(1)During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 3999 Coins, you will get: Ghost Card x30;

(2)During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 5999 coins, you will get: Ghost Card x50;

(3)During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 9999 coins, you will get: Ghost Card x94;

(4)During the event, when you take cumulative consumption in shop to reach over 18999 coins, you will get: Ghost Card x208;"

DDTank Operation Team