Great Events For DDTank Warriors(11.4-11.5)

1. DDtank Kingdom-Guardian`s Book(11.4-11.5)



"DDTankers, do you have quite a lot 4-star pets that seldom be used? Now you have a chance to obtain a Pet's Origin as long as you convert a 4-star pet!

Pet's Origin x1 plus Undying Heart x1 could exchange for Eternity Ring+3 x1(7Days);

Pet's Origin x3 plus Undying Heart x3 could exchange for Guardian`s Book x1(7Days);


1. Could be completed once;"

"Eternity Ring+3 x1(7Days);

Guardian`s Book x1(7Days);"


2.Log in DDT to get the reward!!!(11.4-11.5)



Log in DDT to get the reward!!!

Log in DDT to get the reward!!!Juat click "event" to collect a big surprise!

Happy Pumpkin Pack x 1


3.World Cup-Free Romance Ring (11.4-11.5)



Are you good enough to be a football player? Finish World Cup, the most challenging instance! And get yourself a chance to win an E weapon and Romance Ring!!

Complete World Cup of difficulty level to win rewards. Limited entries available, hurry up!

"The first 200 players who complete World Cup Normal: Romance Ring x1(7Days);

The first 50 players who complete World Cup Hard: Romance Ring+1 x1(7Days),Happy Pumpkin Pack x 1

The first 20 players who complete World Cup Heroic: Practice Pill Lv2 x1; Happiness Ring+3 x1(7Days);Happy Pumpkin Pack x 2"


4. Gulu Kingdom Assault(11.4-11.5)



You! That's right, you! A truckload of items have been dropped in the Gulu Kingdom. Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign and you'll receive a share of the spoils. What do you say? - Sir Richard

Complete the Gulu Kingdom campaign on different difficulty levels to receive your reward.

"The first 200 players who completeGulu Kingdom Difficult:

Spirit Pill x1, Energy Stone x2, Devil Bracelet x1(7Days);

The first 20 players who complete Gulu Kingdom Heroic:

Spirit Pill x2, Energy Stone x10, Happy Pumpkin Pack x 1;"


5.Planting Crops(11.4-11.5)



"During this time, DDTank players who plant cropX12 in the farm will recieve rewards!


could be completed third times per day."

plant any crop x12 one time

Junior Drill x2, Amulet 25% x1, Blueberry(seed) x1


6.Exchange for Happy Pumpkin Pack(11.4-11.5)



Exchange for Happy Pumpkin Pack to get super weapon!!!

"1. Blueberry(seed)x2 can exchange Happy Pumpkin Pack


1. Could be completed twice per days"

Happy Pumpkin Pack x1/78 Coins


7.Happy Pumpkin Pack is coming!(11.4-11.5)



There's a chance to get the supreme weapon from Happy Pumpkin Pack : Pumpkin Cannon,☆ Magic Lollypop,☆☆ Magic Lollypop,or weapon pieces:Halloween Pumpkin and other items.


Happy Pumpkin Pack x1/78 Coins


8. Halloween Pumpkin Exchange(11.4-11.5)



"1. Halloween Pumpkin x1 could exchange for Energy Stone x1;

2. Halloween Pumpkin x3 could exchange for Romance Ring x1(7Days);

3. Halloween Pumpkin x10 could exchange for Romance Ring+1 x1(7Days);

4. Halloween Pumpkin x60 could exchange for ☆ Luck Basin x1(7Days);

5. Halloween Pumpkin x100 could exchange for enhance stone x2;

6. Halloween Pumpkin x520 could exchange for Fallen Angel's Sickle x1(7Days);"

DDTank Operation Team