Great Events For DDTank Warriors

1. Login Reward-Thanks/Giving Pack(11.27-11.30)



Login to get the Thanksgiving Pack!

Thanks Pack x1 & Giving Pack x1


2.Exchange for new Strongest T-Sorcery Set on Thanksgiving Day!(11.27-11.30)



This strongest T-Sorcery Set is the only T-set which can add bonus attribute as Offense+20; Defense+20; Agility +20; Luck+20. Furthermore, this lovely set designed special for Thanksgiving Day which can give you a bran-new mood on Thanksgiving Day!

" T-Sorcery Set contains: Phantom Man (OF:20; DE:15; AG:20; LU15)& ☆☆·Flying Broom.

The bonus attribute of whole set (Offense+20; Defense+20; Agility +20; Luck+20)

1.☆☆Muramasa+12 + Turkey x100 can exchange ☆☆·Flying Broom x1(7Days);

2.Heavy Samurai Armor+5 x1 +Turkey x60 can exchange for  Phantom Man"


3.Warriors Arena (11.27-11.28)



Warriors Legend

"The first 50 players who complete Warriors Arena Easy:Romance Ringx1(7days),Turkey x1

The first 40 players who complete Warriors Arena Normal:Romance Ringx2(7days),Turkey x2

The first 30 players who complete Warriors Arena Hard:Happiness Ring x1(7days),Turkey x3;

The first 20 players who complete Warriors Arena Heroic:Happiness Ring x2(7days),Turkey x4;"


4.World Cup-Free Romance Ring (11.27-11.28)



Are you good enough to be a football player? Finish World Cup, the most challenging instance! And get yourself a chance to win an E weapon and Romance Ring!!

Complete World Cup of difficulty level to win rewards. Limited entries available, hurry up!

"The first 200 players who complete World Cup Normal: Romance Ring x1(7Days); Turkey x1

The first 50 players who complete World Cup Hard: Practice Pill Lv2 x1; Romance Ring x2(7Days);Turkey x2

The first 20 players who complete World Cup Heroic: Practice Pill Lv2 x3; Happiness Ring+1 x1(7Days); Turkey x4"


5.Involve your little pet!(11.27-11.28)



"1.Involve pet to level 1 can receive : Energy Stone x5, Junior drill x5, Turkey x2

2.Involve pet to level 2 can receive : Romance ring(7days)x1, Turkey x4

2.Involve pet to level 3 can receive :Happiness ring(7days)x1, Turkey x6"

The award will be sent by email.


6.Limited Payment Pack Event(11.27-11.28)



Warriors! Available for a limited time only, receive rewards when you recharge!

Recharge now to get excellent awards. No one should miss it!

"Recharge 200 Coins and get: Turkey x2; Defense Pearl x1

Recharge 500 Coins and get: Turkey x4; Defense Pearl x2"


7. 35%  off-☆☆Muramasa(11.27-11.28)



☆☆Muramasa on sale! You may buy it in discount counter of Shop.

☆☆Muramasa x1(7Days)/1300 Coins


8. 35% off for Ant Samurai Set Package(11.27-11.28)



Discount for Ant Samurai Set Package.

"Samurai Helmet x1(7Days)/813Coins;

Heavy Samurai Armor x1(7Days)/1127 Coins;"


9. 35% off for Lord's wing(11.27-11.28)



The chance is rare. You should not miss it!

"Lord's wing x1/2925coins;      "


10. 35%  off for Labyrinth Stone in shop(11.27-11.28)



Use labyrinth stone to receive double rewards(XP and Spirit Pill) in labyrinth.

Labyrinth Stone x1/65 Coins

11.First SALE! 50% off in Shop-World Cup Ticket(11.27-11.28)



Period for discount during event time in Shop.

"World Cup Ticket (Normal) x1/25 coins;

World Cup Ticket (Hard) x1/33 coins;

World Cup Ticket (Heroic) x1/60 coins;"


12.New T-Sorcery Set with all attributs +20 on SALE! (11.27-11.28)



Period for discount during event time in Shop.

"☆☆·Flying Broom x1/11998 coins

Phantom Man x1/2988coins"

DDTank Operation Team