Denise is upset

Event Name:Denise is upset      

Event Time:Dec 18, 2010 ~ Jan 2, 2011

EventRange:for all the servers

Event Content: Ant Queen is not happy recently, she’s always whipping her men. So it’s time to stop her from doing this.

Event Rules: During the event, you have certain chance to receive “Queen’s Lash” if Denise is defeated. You can receive award by collecting required amount of “Queen’s Lash”. 

Event Rewards: 4000Exp, 100Vouchers, Ant Growth Bookx1.                                        

Ant Growth Book contains one of the following items: Wedding Ringx1, Energy Stone Lv2x3, Energy Stone Lv3x2, Energy Stone Lv4x1, Lv1 Exp Pillx1, Lv2 Exp Pillx1, Lv3 Exp Pillx1, and Mystic Weapon Chestx1.    

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DDTank Operating Group

December 17th, 2010