2.3.7 Version Updates

Dear players:

In order to improve gaming experience, enrich game content, DDTank is collecting feedback from all players since its open beta. Now we are delighted to announce the release of DDTank's new version 2.3.7. The update will start from Dec.19th 20:00-Dec.20th 20:00(CST) and lasts for approximately 24 hours. Specific time may be earlier or postponed, depending on the progress of maintenance. You cannot login or continue playing during the maintenance. Major updates are as follows:

(1) Evil Tribe. There are three levels for this additional scene: Normal, Difficult and Hero. There's certain chance to win advanced items by defeating the chieftain.Higher level of difficulty offers more wonderful gifts;

(2) Romantic Spa System, help you level up easily in a relaxed manner;

(3) Newbie Chest and Timeless Chest, help novice players upgrade faster;

(4) Weapon Fortification level raises from +9 to +12. +12 equipment will have an extra round pearl opening, the The appearance of +10, +12 weapons are also changed;

(5) Vanity Record System: As a symbol of your status and prestige, Vanity Record System includes the record of task, Additional Scene, battle and others. Vanity point can be obtained by completing relevant tasks, which will be displayed at the Individual Rank in the Hall of Fame;

(6) Level cap raises to 40;

(7) Cross-channel Horn, making your voice be heard in all channels;

(8) Couple quest, which needs to be finished by a couple, increased Exp is increased to 1.5 times;

(9) Lv4 Attribute Pearl, which can be obtained in Evil Tribe;

(10) Energy Stone Lv5, increases the success rate of weapon fortification greatly. It needs four  Lv4 Energy Stone for Metallurgy;

(11) Arms transferring function: the fortification level of Anglic Arm, T· Anglic Arm, Gulu Shield and Barok Shield can swap from each other;

(12) Adjust some weapon's offence attributes, the Offence of weapons with high Agility is increased. Offense attributes of ☆· Medical Kit, ☆· Basket and ☆· Magic Wind are adjusted to 200; Offense attributes of ☆☆· Medical Kit, ☆☆· Basket and ☆☆· Magic Wind are adjusted to 220;

(13) Shortens the time needed to complete Additional Scene. Decreases the number of monsters in the first level of all scenes, cut down the third and fourth level of Gulu Kingdom (Normal and Difficult), the third and sixth level of Gulu Kingdom(Hero), the fourth and fifth level of Evil Tribe;


We thank you for your long-term support to DDTank, and hope you can have fun in the new version of DDTank! Enjoy!

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December 17th, 2010