Christmas Super Smash

Event Name:Christmas Super Smash

Event Time:Dec 24, 2010 ~ Dec 28, 2010

Event Range:for all the servers

Event Content: People live in DDTank all come out to celebrate Christmas, so the super smash has started.

Event Rules: During the event, GM will appear at random period of time everyday. If you are lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to challenge GM and win a reward pack from GM.

Event Rewards: During the event, winners can receive GM reward pack which contains: Exp Pill Lv5x1, Wedding Ringx1, Energy Stone Lv4x1, Romance Ring+1(7days) x1

Please note:

1. Each player can only claim GM reward pack once;

2. Rewards will be sent in 3-5 working days via mail after the event;

3. All rewards are binding.

DDTank Operating Group

December 23rd, 2010