Gamble Chest is Available Now

              Congratulations for the new version 2.3.7 opening! In this version, many kinds of things have presented for you all, more funny! And there is one more new surprise--Gamble Chest, mysterious treasure chest for you to open it right now! More exotic equipment and awesome items waiting for you! Gamble Chest has taken the place of Exotic Chest in the old version. Gamble Chest contains more rich rewards than Exotic Chest. You can buy it using your vouchers, the first opening you should use a special KEY named Providence Key(can buy in the shop), the second opening you should use two Providence Keys, the third open you should use three keys, and so on, by analogy, each opening after the fist opening, you should add one more Providence Keys to open it.



              In each chest you have 8 times to open it. The items in the chest are random. Click "start" to wait the big surprise!

              At last, good luck to you to open exotic equipments and awesome items!


DDTank Operating Group

December 23rd, 2010