Season of Epiphany in Additional

Event Name:Season of Epiphany in Additional

Event Time: Jan 7- Jan 16

Event Range:for all the servers

Event Content: The season of Epiphany is the season of feasting. Come make the special king's cake in Gulu Kingdom.

Event Rules: Defeat Pink Gulu and Elite Gulu and you will receive "Red Bean". Collect 5 Baking Powers and you will receive the "Bean cake Pack". You can complete this task only once a day.

Event Rewards:Apply "Bean Cake Pack" and you will receive one of the following prizes: Double Glory(1 Day) x1, Dragon Lv3 x1, Vermillion Lv3 x1, Serpent Lv3 x1, Tiger Lv3 x1, Energy Stone Lv2 x1, Energy Stone Lv3 x1, Medal x1, Medal x2, Medal x3, Romance Ring+2(7 days, bound) x1



DDTank Operating Group

January 5th , 2011