Cross-server Battles Of DDTank Is Available

Dear DDTankers, in order to boost the in-game atmosphere, we are more than happy to announce that we have made your dream of fighting players from different servers come true. This, we believe will definitely add more challenges, or in other words, it will bring about more fun to players game experience. The following pictures will give you a more direct instruction on the steps of finding an opponent from another server:

Find the “Local” button after you create a room at the bottom right corner beside “Start” button.

Click it and you will see it is changed into “Oversea”, which means once you start the game, you will always meet a players from another server.

Besides, there are two other important changes made in game. The first is that players can no more send their coins as gifts to any couple during their wedding. The other is we have deleted the function of paid-mails which once enabled players to buy items through in-game mail system by coins.

Thank you for your constant support and cooperation to DDtank, we will work the hardest to improve the game. Have fun!


DDTank Operating Group

January 13th, 2011