New Version Update on July 9, 2015

The game will be updated for all sever from 02:00 to 04:00, 07/09/2015(CDT). The actual updates could be slightly different from what was announced. During the update, players won’t be able to log in the game. The duration of version update may be delay or advanced depending on actual situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.



1. Pet Shape system

2. Jewelry Enchantment function. Your Jewelry’s MATK and MDEF will be boosted after the Enchantment.

3. Players will be able to check their Combat Power in the main interface, next to the Character icon.

4. Magic House system.

5. Newbie tutorial optimized.

6. New privilege for VIP 9 - VIP 12 players. They will be able to speed up raids in the Labyrinth for free.

7. Challenging the Bosses in the World Cup and Warrior Arena will cost items, instead of Coins.

8. Levels in the Labyrinth increased by 10.

9. Title Display system.

10. Some privileges of VIP players adjusted.

11. Check-in reward adjusted. Players will get a special 3 Star Pet by checking in the game for the specified times.

12. Recall rewards for veteran players adjusted.

13. New function. Players will be able to use Drills in bulk.

14. Pet Equipment Turn system.

15. Master and Apprentice system optimized.

16. Notice added when you want to change an equipped battle Pet.

17. When there are event rewards to be claimed in the Time-limited Events, a claim link will appear. Players will enter the claim interface directly by clicking on the link.

18. New function. When players skip two rounds in Dungeons, Arena and Pirate Land, Auto Play will be activated.

DDTank Operation Team

July 8, 2015