DDTank Server Merging

Dear DDTank players,

In order to meet your demands and make sure more players can enjoy DDTank together, we decide to conduct a server merge at 01:30 AM on Oct.22, 2015 (CDT). More detailed information can be found below:


Merging Arrangement: S15 will be merged into S14.

Players from S14 and S15 can play together.

Server Merging Time: at 01:30 AM on Oct 22, 2015 (CDT).

Duration of the merge: 7-8 hours ( We will finish it ASAP).


In the event of identical names, we will be removing unused characters if:

1. Players haven't used this character for over a month.

2. The level of this character is lower than level 8.

3. This character has no top up history.

4. No vouchers are left in this character's pack.

5. The character does not get married yet.

6. The character has not joined any league.

Characters that meet all of the above conditions will be deleted.


Please note that you can not enter the game during the server merge maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


We sincerely hope that all of you can make friends and enjoy DDTank. Thank you for your constant support and cooperation.


For more detailed information please visit our official website:

DDTank Operation Group

OCT 22, 2015