DDTank Announces Update 8.2

DDTank will carry out a maintenance for at least 4 hours from 18:00 , Mar. 9, 2017(PST) for all servers. A new version DDTank3 will be released after the maintenance. The duration of version update may be delay or advanced depending on actual situation. During the update, DDTankers will not able to log in the game. Please pay attention to the latest news or notification we publish on the official website.


The anticipated Update 8.2 is packed with new features for DDTank players to explore, including Pet Awakening, Two Stats Pearl, Card Achievement and so on.


Pet Awakening (Dragon, Deer, Monkey, Phoenix, Snake)

You will have a chance to turn a Normal Pet Equipment into an Exclusive Pet Equipment by using Awakening Stones. Higher levels of Normal Equipment will have better chance to transform. The Exclusive Pet Equipment can only be equipped to a certain Pet and it will increase its skill level. You can turn Excellent Pet Equipment or above (including Exclusive Equipment) into a new Exclusive Equipment in Awaken. Besides, the Exclusive Weapon offers two active skills and the Exclusive Hat and Clothes offer one passive skill each.


DDKing Level

Upgrade DDKing when you have enough EXP. You’ll receive one Level Point for upgrading it once, which can be used to increase the character’s Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck, MATK and MRES. You’ll still obtain EXP when it reaches the highest level.


Two Stats Pearl

Obtained through Exchange. There are two types of Two Stats Pearls: Normal and Adv. You can exchange two max level (Lv. 17) Pearls with one stat for a Normal Two Stats Pearl. Also two max level Two Stats Pearls for an Adv. one.


Card Achievement

"The Card Achievement system will be available soon.  Exclusive Titles and new Decks are waiting for you!

1. New Card Achievement: Collect the required amount of decks to complete the achievement and claim an exclusive Title.

2. Four brand new Weapon Decks: Pioneer Deck, Weapon Master Deck, Divine Deck and Lucky Deck. You can check them in your Card Book.

3. Weapon Decks Source: Random Weapon Card Box or events."


Hero's Gate

A new feature - the Hero's Gate is coming soon! It will be available from 17:00 to 02:00 every day after the update. You can team up with your friends or other DDTankers to clear the 3 exclusive Dungeons in Hero’s Gate. You will find lots of Chests in each dungeon. Click them to receive tons of rewards.


Turf Fight

Join the Arena and the Trial Zone to receive Points during the event. You’ll receive better rewards with more Points. The one with the most Points will become the Occupier and receive the best rewards.


Other updates

1.Improved Forging system.

2.Added two checkpoints in Magic Maze.

3.+8 Jewelry available.

4.The remaining time will reset when Potential is activated.

5.Reworked Green Bud’s skills.

6.Updated Guild Shop.

7.Improved Ant’s skills.

8.Pet Equipment can be stacked now.


DDTank Operating Group

Mar.9, 2017