Barok is Perky

Event Name:Barok is Perky
Event Time:Feb 19- Mar 6
Event Range: for all the servers
Event Content: Barok is so perky that he thinks no one can defeat him. It's time to show him that he's wrong.
Event Rules: You have a good chance of getting "Barok's Dignity" if you defeat him in Gulu Kingdom during this period. Collect 3 "Barok's Dignity" and you will receive the following prizes.
Event Rewards:
5000 Exp, 100 Gold, Captain's Map*1
Apply Captain's Map and you will receive one of the following prizes:
Wedding Ring x1, Energy Stone Lv3 x2, Energy Stone Lv4 x1, Exp Pill Lv1 x1, Exp Pill Lv2 x1, Exp Pill Lv3 x1, Mystic Chest x1

DDTank Operating Group
February 18th, 2011