Newbie Guides

Battle Interface

The most popular webgame portal---Game321 webgame platform


Current player:Display character name and image of current turn. Click "[P]" button to charge power, the effect will vanish when this turn ends.

Wind direction and force:Display wind direction and force of current turn,last turn shows the wind direction and force of last round.

Battle status:Display character's HP and other status,click to see character's equipment.

Small map:A mini battle map,can check terrain and location of every character.

Chat box:Show chat messages.

Items:Press 1~7 on keyboard as shortcuts to choose corresponding items.

Dial:Check current and last time's launch angle, also can adjust the launch angle of this turn.

Plane and sub-weapon buttons:Click to use plane and sub-weapon(need to equip sub-weapon beforehand).

Power:Can check current and last time's launch power, also can adjust the power of this turn.

Players:Display character images, names, HP and other information of all players in battle map.       

HP and functional button:Display HP and functional button of current player. POW shows anger level. Player can use Killing Move by clicking the fully charged POW button.

Item shortcut keys:Items gained from a battle will be placed here. Press Z、X、C as shortcuts to use them.