Newbie Guides

League System

Q1. What is league used for?
League is the most reliable family for you in game.Despite unique buildings, you can also fortify or synthesize equipments at League Armory and get an increased success rate according to Armory level.League shop offers necklaces that can increase HP. If the league upgrades to level2, you can also purchase Glory Packet with glories and have a certain chance toget level 4 Energy Stone and E weapon.

Q2. How to join a league?
You can inquire about the league at "League Club" and click "Apply" if you are not in any league.After the approval by the administrator of the league you applied,you'll become a member of that league.Meanwhile, you can contact the league administrator directly and ask for an invitation. You'll receive a reminder after the administrator sends the invitation, click "Accept" to join the league.

Q3. What's the use of league member contribution level?
Generally, league administrator will set a certain contribution requirement for league buildings.You cannot enter these buildings until you upgrade to the required level.

Q4. How to increase my contribution?
There are three ways to increase your contribution:
1) Donate wealth to the league. Click the "Donation"button and donate coins to earn contribution point. 2 coins equal to 1 contribution point.
2) Finish daily league quests. You can gain corresponding contribution points by completing each quest.
3) Team up with other league members for league fights and gain contribution points by beating down your opponents.

Q5. My contribution has reached 1000, will it be retained if I quit a league and join another one?
No. Your contribution point will be reset after you join another league.

Q6. What is league wealth used for?
The upgrading of the league itself, League Shop, League Armory and League Safe Box all need the use of league wealth.

Q7. How to gain league wealth?
League wealth can be obtained through member donation, taking dailies or battle loot.

Q8. My League Armory is level 1. How can I set the access requirement so that only players with 100 contribution points can use it?
The top right corner of league interface has a "Facility Management" button,where you can set the access permission. N.B. Only league chairman can amend the access permissions.

Q9. If only league is upgraded while Armory and Shop remain at the current level, will the required wealth for leveling up these facilities increase as the league level raises?
League level is only a precondition for the leveling up of League Armory, Shop and Safe Box.The actual requirements of wealth for upgrading the League, Shop, Safe Box and Armory are related to their own levels respectively.

Q10. I just obtained enough money to upgrade my shop to level 1, but the "Upgrade" button is still grey.Why is that?
If the wealth just meets the requirement for leveling up facilities, the upgrading may be delayed. In this case, please exit the league interface and enter again.

Q11. If I quit a league but doesn't take away items from the league safe box,will these items disappear?
No. All individual items in the league safe box will be mailed back to your mailbox.

Q12. If I quit a league,will the necklace bought from league shop disappear?
No. You can still renew if the necklace expires.