Synthetic System

This is a system you use to synthesize your equipment such as weapons, hats, clothes, glasses, rings, bracelet. The attribute of the synthetic will increase differently according to the items you use, that is Vermilion level 1-4 (improve Offense Attribute by 10-40 points), Tiger (improve Luck Attribute by 10-40 points), Dragon level 1-4(improve Agility Attribute by 10-40 points), Serpent (improve Defense Attribute by 10-40 points). The higher the level is, the more chance of success you will have.

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Different levels of the synthetic stones will add different attributes to the weapons. The attributes added by the higher level synthetic stones will replace that added by the lower ones.

Synthetic Stone Level

Attributes Value

Lv 1


Lv 2


Lv 3


Lv 4