Newbie Guides

Marriage System

Q1. What shall I do if I want to get married?
Congrats! You have found your better-half in DD Tank! The first thing you need is a Wedding Ring.Then click the data box of the player you want to marry with and select "Proposal", a love letter interface will pop up. After finishing writing the letter and sending it,your proposal will be successful. Then the player you proposed to will receive the message"Are you willing to accept XXX's proposal?". If yes, then you two will become husband and wife. Of course, a marriage without a grand wedding cannot be perfect. So you need to rent a "Wedding Chapel" and invite guests to witness this blessed moment. When all guests are in the Wedding Chapel, click "Hold Wedding" to start the solemn and sweet ceremony. After that, you and your mate will receive a "Wedding Ring" send via mail by the system. By then, you and your partner are officially become husband and wife.

Q2. What is the "Vouchers" button in the wedding chapel interface used for?
You can use this button to send vouchers to the married couple. And if the couple is your friends, a certain amount of vouchers is absolutely necessary.

Q3. Will my Wedding Ring still exist if I get divorced?
Yes, the Wedding Ring still exists. And you can get another one if you get married again.

Q4. My husband and I have married twice and held two wedding ceremonies.Why we only got one Wedding Ring?
Holding wedding ceremonies for several times with the same person can only receive the ring for only once. You cannot get the ring for a second time unless you two divorce first and then get married again.

Q5. Why can't I find the wedding ring from my backpack after the marriage?
The system will send the ring to bride and bridegroom via mail. So please check your mailbox.

Q6. Can the "Wedding Ring" I got from wedding be synthesized?
Yes, it can be synthesized.