Newbie Guides


Q1. The nickname is too long.
Player should create character name according to the requirement. If fails, please quit the game and try to log in

Q2. Punishment for using on-line game bots.
Player account will be banned if any cheatings are detected and verified.

Q3. Cannot enter game channel.
Some players have reported to us that they cannot login to game channel. This problem can be solved by
downloading the latest version of flash, or using another browser.

Q4. Solutions to the problem of force sliding.
After investigation, we found that if input method with auto updates function was installed, problems like force
sliding and loss of focus may occur.
Current solutions are: remove the update function,and close all auto updates or upgrade functions.

Q5. How to trade gold coins in game?
Sorry, this function is currently unavailable.

Q6. If I buy equipment fortification for 7 days from shop and renew it after expiration, will the fortified level of the equipment be reset?
The renewal fee is still the ordinary price while the fortification level remains unchanged.

Q7. I forgot my secondary password.
Please contact our customer service and provide corresponding data for verification.

Q8. My account and equipment are stolen, what can I do?
Please contact our customer service and provide corresponding data immediately.

Q9. How to earn glory?
You can gain glory by taking quests or league fights.

Q10. Why glories lost are different?
If you lose the battle against a neutral league, you'll lose one point glory; if you lose the battle against an
enemy league, you'll lose three points glory.

Q11. My backpack only has limited vacancies, why some player's backpack can store hundreds of items?
Metallurgy formulas can be overlapped. In addition, league safe box can also used for storage.

Q12. During the sports fight, why I lost the battle by just one hit even if the opposite side only have very few HP left.
High level players have more HP and their weapons are more powerful than yours consequently.

Q13. Why I need to wait until other players have played two turns. I tried not to use items, but this situation still happens.
It is because you have consumed too much physical strength. The consumption was even two times higher than others.

Q14. Does the wealth belong to my league after completing each league quest?
The use of league armory and shop requires certain contribution points, which comes from donation and league quest.

Q15. Why are the chests valuable if they only contain gold coins? What are gold coins used for?
Iron chest contains gold coins, which can be used for purchasing items, such as Guide Missile and Invisible.You have some chances to get all sorts of Energy Stones, Metallurgy Stones,Formula Scrolls and E Weapons from pumpkin chest.

Q16. Is there any distinction between loots If I use advanced equipment rather than ordinary equipment ?
No. The quality of loots are the same.

Q17. Why sometimes I can win several items continually while sometimes I win nothing at all?
This is due to the probability. All players can have chances to earn more rewards.

Q18. There are lots of Energy Stones in Auction Center. Are you selling these stones?
Our staff won't participate the game. We'll take immediate action as soon as we found any bugs.

Q19. I forgot my secondary password. What shall I do?
Please provide us your detailed personal information, like the last time you used the password, charge history, purchase history, synthesis history and mails and auction record. Your secondary password will be cleared when all information are verified.

Q20. How long will the mail timeout be returned?
Ordinary mail will disappear when time's out and you didn't receive it promptly; C.O.D. Mail will be
returned after 72 hours if the recipient didn't receive it.

Q21. Does DD Tank support bots?
Our investigation found that this bots take advantage of faked video to defraud players. Here we remind everyone not to be deceived.

Q22. How can I fortify weapons and equipments?
You can use Energy Stone to fortify weapons and equipments at Armory, or use Syn Stones to synthesize weapons and equipments.

Q23. My account is stolen. Is it possible to regain my items?
If account stealer deleted your items, we'll give them back after verification. But if your items were mailed to others, they cannot be regained.

Q24. Will my league be downgraded if I can't afford to pay the renewal fee?
No.But your league will be dismissed if this situation continues for three weeks.