Newbie Guides

Weapons and Items

Q1. When I click "Ready"or "Start" button, why does the message "Cannot start without equipping weapons" appear?
The message appears when your weapon is not equipped or already expired. Please click your backpack to equip or renew weapons.

Q2. What's the difference between T weapons (i.e. T Lightning ) and ordinary weapons(i.e. Lightning)?
The differences are:
1).T weapons can only be bought with coins while ordinary weapons can be bought with gold coins.
2). Compare with ordinary weapons, the basic attributes of T weapons are enhanced to some degree.
3).T weapons will not vanish when fortification fails, but only be one level down. Ordinary weapons will vanish when fortification fails.
4).The syn attribute of a T weapon involved in a fortification will be emptied when it fails,while all syn attributes of an ordinary weapon will be emptied if fortification fails.

Q3. What are E weapons(i.e. T Lightning)? How can I get them?
E weapons are very rare, they are not sold in shops. You can collect them by hitting a chest in battle,picking cards after battle or open a Glory Packet.

Q4. What are the differences between E weapons and T weapons?
The basic attributes of E weapons have considerable improvement than T Weapon.

Q5.Are E weapons binding?
E weapons are not binding regardless of forms. If the Syn Stone is binding during weapon equipment, fortification or synthesis, then this equipment is binding.

Q6. If I have a permanent weapon and want to transfer this weapon's attributes to a non-permanent weapon. Will the weapon be permanent after transference?
No. Only synthesis and fortification attributes are transferred.

Q7. Besides buying items from shop, how can I get other items such as Invisible?
There are two ways to get them:
1). Randomly distributed by chest in battle.
2). Click item's icon and buy with gold coins at the waiting room.

Q8. I have 10% gain items,but I cannot find them from item shortcut key. What shall I do?
You can set items at your backpack's "Shortcut Key Setting".

Q9. How can I gain "Legendary Coin"?
The ways to get Legendary Coins are:
1). Completing dailies.There are 2 dailies and are repeated every 2 days. So you can gain 1 coin everyday in
2). Nobility Certificate.It is an item send by system after a failed proposal and can be used in exchange for Legendary Coin.
3). Completing league quests.League member can finish League Upgrading task with each level up. Legendary Coin is included in the quest reward.

Q10. How to make the attributes of weapon, equipment and accessories higher?
You can enhance your equipment's attributes by using Energy Stone and Syn Stone.The maximum level for weapons and equipments is +9; and +5 for accessories(bracelets and rings only).