Newbie Guides

System Setting

Q1. When does the Hall of Fame's data update everyday?
The data is updated at 3:00AM everyday.

Q2. Why the loudspeaker is open automatically after I turned it off in the setting.
The loudspeaker will be switched on automatically when there is a system announcement.

Q3. My network connection is slow and the EXP is deducted every time I get disconnected. The deducted EXP is much more than I gained in battle. Can you change it?
The deduction of EXP is a punishment for players with improper exit. We'll consider lessen the
EXP punishment.

Q4. I have registered at the Community but now I get married. Can I cancel my registration?
Registration at Friends Center is published once, it can be modified. No cancellation is

Q5. I want to buy items and received a C.O.D mail from others, which contains four items. The price for these items is 800. Do I need to pay 800 for each of them or for all of them?
You only need to pay once no matter how many files the mail attaches. In your case, four items will cost you only 800 points.