Newbie Guides

Battle & Drops

Q1. What's the difference between free battle and training battle?
For free battles, system will randomly group your team, and provides higher EXP as well as
prizes. Your battle result will be calculated for winning percentage.
For training battles, you can freely team up and gain relatively higher EXP as well as prizes. The
result will not be accounted for your winning percentage.

Q2. How is EXP calculated?
EXP is calculated on the basis of hit rate and degree of damage. The level difference will also
have an impact on the number of EXP you'll gain.

Q3. What can I get from chests if I hit them in battle?
You have certain chances to get battle items, Energy Stones and Syn Stones of various level, or
even E weapons.

Q4. Will there be any punishment if I get disconnected?
Yes. Your EXP and Glory will be deducted according to specific circumstances.

Q5. I hit on a chest and get a E Weapon during a battle, but I offlined suddenly and was not able to put the weapon into my backpack. What shall I do?
You won't get the weapon if it is not placed in backpack. There has no data can be traced.
Normally disconnection is very rare.

Q6. I have a high agility attribute, but has to wait two turns after my first round of attack. How is the order of play arranged?
The order is arranged according to player's delay value which will be different by using different
equipments. You need to choose the combination of your items carefully to reduce your attack
time during your turn to enable multiple attack .

Q7. When will Glory be deducted?
Your Glory will be deducted when you quit an ongoing battle or you lose the league battle.