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DDTank Fortify Tips


Some players think the success rate of fortification is based on the level of armory.

But this any not always be true.

Lv.1 to Lv.10 League Armory can raise the success rate of fortification, varies from 10% to 100%.

You can enter the league armory even if it has not been upgraded, but you'll only have 0% success

rate. To upgrade a league armory, the league must reach certain level as well as spend certain

amount of league wealth and gold. The success rate of a league armory= Ordinary armory's

success rate *(100%+League Boost).

1. When to Fortify:
Lots of players ignore the importance of timing. If you choose to fortify when the server is full, you

have to cross fingers and pray to get a high success rate .

So, the best time to fortify is 1:30-2:00AM Monday to Thursday, if you're a night person. Or choose

a time when the number of online players are relatively lower to fortify. In this way, you'll have a higher

probability to fortify successfully in one time.

2. Order of Items:
The order of placing items is rather closely related to success rate. The best order to place items

are as follows: 25% Amulet; Divine Amulet; 3 Energy Stones (double click from top to bottom); the

item need to be fortified. Please be aware that it's better to buy 25% Amulet and Divine Amulet from

Armory directly. If they're bought from shop beforehand, system won't link it with your fortification.

3. 'Read' the seconds:

This is the most critical step for fortification. After placing the item you want to fortify into the box, you

need to check the success rate because it indicates the seconds you should wait. For example:

wait for 10 seconds if the success rate is 10.3%; wait for 4 seconds if the success rate is 3.8%.

Remember: If you see system announcement congratulating someone has just fortified +7, +8 or

+9 successfully, DON'T try it because basically your fortification will fail.