Newbie Guides

Skill of Using the "Three in One"

The item "Three in One" is not suitable for one-to-one fight as it causes less damage than ordinary weapons. Normally this item makes two separate bombs around where the fist bomb drops.It can be applied to multi-player battle to aim at more than one player. If you only face one enemy, then this item will increase hit rate but decreases damage most of the time.

Three in One may be quite useful in one kind of single battle mode: your enemies are very close to you but you are not confident about your aiming . In this case, Three in One is powerful enough to cause severe damage as the landing point of three bombs is close. And you can even kill the enemy in seconds if the use of Three in One is combined with other items with damage increasing effect. You can choose Three in One if the enemy only has few HP left and only one shot can lead you into victory.