Newbie Guides

Newbie Guide for Launching Bombs

Hello there!

This guide is for novice players only. We have noticed an increasing amount of new players as DD Tank has gained more popularity. Some of them don't know how to launch an attack. So here's a quick guide on strategies of launching bombs.

As a start, there are three factors that influence the hit rate: angle, power and wind.
Angle:Shown on the bottom left of the screen,the angle can be adjusted by pressing "↑ ↓" on the keyboard. The angle memory function is designed to make adjustment easier by marking the degree player used. After being attacked, the attack angle will change sightly, so it is necessary to make some adjustment.
Power:Shown at the bottom of the screen, the power can be adjusted by pressing space bar. Current attack power is illustrated in red color, and its accurate figure can also be found. The color will turn grey after shooting
Wind: Shown at the top of the screen.Direction of arrow indicates current wind direction, and the figure indicates current wind force. Since wind can have a great impact on the attack power, you need to add more force when it's a headwind and reduce some when it's a tailwind. If the wind velocity is less than level 2 and the angle is between 20-40, the influence of wind won't be significant.

Well, hope the introduction of the three key factors can give you some ideas of how to launch an attack.